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Could be the name of a guy or a girl. Name of a type of a tree in Kashmir, the northern part of India. The tree is considered the King/Queen of all the trees. Name originated from the Persian word "Chihnaarst" meaning fiery red color. This is also the color of the leaves of Chinar tree in the fall season.
Chinar tree live for more than 400 years.
by Chinar May 12, 2005
A beautiful name, given to beautiful women.
If you come across someone named Chinar, you hold them tight and cherish them because they will be the kindest person to you.
Their heart is of pure gold. But you be careful, they are fragile. They hurt very easily.
Person 1: Hey I just met a chick called Chinar!
Person 2: *firmly grasping person 1's shoulders*
Person 2: Brother, you take that woman under your wing and you take her well.
by Lintley July 10, 2013
Name, can be a boy or a girl.
name of a tree found in kashmir, a cousin of the maple.
origin , persian word for red colour, for the colour of the tree in autumn.

generally confused for "chinal" which means whore.
tom: hiya man! whats your name?

chinar: CHINAR! whats yours?
by mithrandir311 February 13, 2010
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