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One of Big Boss' clones in the Metal Gear videogame series. He is a superior soldier and enjoys a relaxing past time of snapping terrorist's necks and spinal cords while using their worthless bodies as shields.
"Now now, if you don't go to bed Solid Snake will never infiltrate the house and you won't get your demo of Metal Gear Solid 2." "But I don't want to. I want to stay up and see what he looks like!" "Now now, if you stay up and see him, you'll blow his cover and he'll snap your spine and use your tiny corpse as a shield."
by Merchant August 06, 2005
Short for Chinese Communist and sometimes Chinese Communications (military intel, not normal language), and also widely used in military terms to describe something Chinese such as a Type-56 assault rifle or a Chicom Bag and sometimes in general to things which pertain to asian communism. Chicom originated out of the Vietnam War and was first used as slang for tiny burlap bags or packets which usually contained Chinese, NVA, or Vietcong made communist propaganda as well as intel, ammo, food, medical supplies, etc.
Private Steve:"These chicom rations taste like rat shit..." Sargeant Wilko: "That chicom ration IS rat shit... your eating a can filled with it you moron!"
by Merchant August 05, 2005
Someone who repeatedly has sexual intercourse with a donkey. Or a synonym for dumbass, moron, retard, asshole, jerk, or bastard.
"What a donkey porker you are, Hanley!"
by Merchant August 06, 2005
Vulgarity used as a synonym for the following: asshole, jerk, loser, bastard. Usually not used with serious intent, I.E jokingly calling a friend a cockmonkey.
Dan kills Jim in Bushido Blade 2 to which Jim yells in a comedic fashion: "Goddamn you, you stupid cockmonkey!"
by Merchant August 05, 2005
A submachine gun produced by Smith and Wesson firearms during the Vietnam War for special operations and vehicle crew personnel. This submachinegun was chambered for 9 x19mmParabellum and its clip held 36 rounds. The main design of this submachine gun was based off of the Swedish "Gustav M45" submachine gun which also was chambered for the 9 x19mmParabellum cartridge and also held 36 rounds in its clip. The Smith and Wesson M-76 was produced under request by the US government when supply for the Gustav M45 was cut off because the Swedish did not believe in the war effort. Several almost exact copies of the M-76 have been produced by MK Arms (the MK760 which is about 99.9% the exact same gun, internally and externally except for a few parts and the fact that two versions were made; one in 9mmpara like the M-76 and one in the larger .45ACP cartridge,) and a company known as Stemple which's more like 80% the same gun, most the differences are in external additions and like the MK760 has two versions one in 9mm and one in .45ACP.
Charlton Heston used a Smith and Wesson M-76 submachine gun several times in the movie The Omega Man.
by Merchant August 05, 2005
Zeta Reticuli I and II form a star system which is supposedly the home to Zeta Reticulins, a race of aliens commonly referred to as the Greys. This system was first mapped out by Betty and Barney Hill after an abduction and thought to be fake but was discovered by astronomers as real in 1967. This star system is key evidence as proof of alien existance.
"I have come from what you know as Zeta Reticuli I and II..." said the short, gray-skinned alien as Johnny examined it's large black eyes
by Merchant August 05, 2005
A waitress, prostitute, anime character, videogame character, or average girl who wears a costume which consists of a bunnyears hairband, a fluffy bunnytail, and sometimes a bowtie and tuxedo wrist-cuffs. Bunnygirl outfits are usually intended to be sexually arousing.
"That girl looked so cute in that bunnygirl outfit..."
by Merchant August 05, 2005

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