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China also known as "People's Republic of China" is the most populous nation in the world with over 1.3 billion people and 55 minorities. China is the oldest living civilization in the world with 5000 years of history. The name China stemmed from the Persian word for it that was Cin. Cin was derived from the early Chinese Qin Dynasty. For thousands of years, China was a leading civilization, outpacing the world in the arts and sciences but in the 19th and 20th centuries, the country was beset by civil unrest, major famines, military defeats and foreign occupation. After WW2, the Communist leader Mao Zedong seized China from Nationalist Chiang Kai Shek in a civil war. While ensuring China's sovereignty, Mao imposed strict controls over Chinese lives and inadvertently caused the deaths of millions of Chinese through his failed policies. Mao's successor, Deng Xiaoping focused on market-oriented development. After 3 decades, living standards improved dramatically. China is now the world's 2nd largest economy.
Educated person #1: China had a glorious past but they sucked in modern times.

Educated person #2: China's pride was shattered in the last 2 centuries but they're on their way to reinstate themselves as a world superpower.
by WarOfTheArts July 23, 2012
A country that is so old and complex that the average American could not write an accurate definition for it if they tried (and we do)
Maybe I'll write a definition for China...wait, i have no clue what really goes down in China.
by D.E. Fresh October 05, 2005
The land of 1,000 KFCs.
KFC is so popular in China, that even McDonald's sells Kentucky Fried Chicken.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 16, 2005
A leading civilization where everything is made because of low wages (due to overpopulation hence unemployment) combined with high craftsmanship thus the reason why every major company invests in china as opposed to africa and india

Influenced basically all Asian countries: Japanese/Korean writing all have chinese characters, chopsticks used by Japan and Korea, many asians celebrates Chinese New Year (Lunar new year)

Chinese invented: gunpowder/fireworks,the first printing press, seismograph, decimal system, compass, writing, the first modern paper, spaghetti, iron casting, clock, first calculator(abacus), silk, umbrella, stirrup, kites(military communication) etc etc etc
Printing press came from China, but the westerners neglect that fact because the printing press only printed Chinese characters

The British wanted Chinese inventions, thus killing many Chinese/forcing them to take opium in exchange for items (Opium War)

When western medicines failed to save my aunt, Chinese medicine revived her

The americans are afraid that China will outpace the rest of the world again

China, the only asian country that has yet to be annexed entirely

Those assholes keep dissing Chinese, but they are the ones rocking made in China versace and driving in China manufactured Cadillac

Even original buildings in Japan and Korean looks like Chinese infrastructures

The Japanese writes Japan in Chinese
by shitastic January 23, 2005
One of the oldest countries in the world, it has a rich cultural history extending back roughly 5 or 6 millenia. The Xia dynasty were the first real royal line, overthrown by the Shang dynasty, who were, in turn, ousted in a revolution by the Zhou (pronounced 'show'). Gradually, China expanded, and with the discovery of tea, a rich cultre developed. It fostered the development of the Daoist religion as well as Confucianism, named after its founder. Once invaded by Mongolia, China found true prosperity under the wise rule of Kublai Khan. By the 1800s, China was probably the most advanced nation on the planet, with public libraries, schools and plentiful resources. However, after the population boom and following colonial conquests, China lost its Emperor in 1919. A nationalist leadership was set up, lasting through WW2 until, in 1949, Mao Tse-Tung overthrew it, creating the communist dictatorship we all know today.
China is responsible for such wonders as the Terracotta Army and the birth of Confucianism.
by Bob Johnson May 20, 2004
emerging superpower in the 21st century. A country with a 5000yr old history, and has been existence as divided longer than as unified. Rich culture that has influenced Japan, Korea. Ruled by the communist party of china, though it retains very little remnants of true communism/socialism. Very safe country as there are no firearms allowed and very extreme punishment to deter potential offenders. PPl who commit rape, murder, grand theft, extortion, and corruption are often summarily executed within 6 months with a single bullet to the brain stem. Great way of detering crime, imo. The ppl are nice, although many have a hatred for Japan because of her atrocities in WWII and the sino-japanese war, and because the japanese omitt these atrocities from their textbooks.

Although economy is improving, the poor are getting poorer and the rich, richer.

Most Chinese people tend not to protest government for it may cause them trouble. But there is a deep sense of nationalism in the Chinese.

Has gotten alot of heat along w/ North Korea for its questionable human rights practices; although we should not forget the fact that taiwan and South Korea only became democracies in the 1990s and have their own fair share of human rights abuses. After the events of 1989, the PRC has chosen to reform slowly and cautiously.

The most sensitive issue is taiwan. China had orginally planned to occupy it in 1950s but was soon committed to the Korean War. Chinese politicians and citizens are adamant at taking over taiwan in the near future. Many experts see a pattern in that while taiwan is China's pet peeve, North Korea is USA's pet peeve and both are using their leverage w/ said nations to achieve their own goals.

The chinese people and culture are not warmongers, though. They crave peace, growth, and prosperity. To demonstrate their seriousness, when a US official stated that the US would defend Taiwan, a senior Chinese PLA General stated that the PRC would not hesitate to use Nuclear Weapons agains the USA. They are even willing to forgo the '08 Olympics to have the issue of Taiwan take precedence. Speaking as a Chinese, I wish the issue will be resolved peacefully w/o conflict.
Alison: I'm goin to China this summer...
Janelle: Taiwan or HongKong???
Alison: CHINA, you dope!!!
by nbiekdi August 01, 2005
the country who had:
the highest population in the world
the best tanks in the world
the highest piracy activities in the world
the highest potential to become the next world superpower that more than rivals USA.
the nuclear power sufficient to stand-off against Russia and USA in a nuclear war.
China rules in Command and Conquer:Generals!They ended up becoming the heroes instead of the oh-I-am-so-damned-high-tech USA.
by watever4545 January 08, 2005
The largest country in East Asia and one of the oldest and powerful continuous civilization in the world. From the Ancient Xia Dynasty in 2070 BCE to present day China, this long living civilization continues to stand the test of time where other civilizations have fallen or perished into the dust bins of history.
Long Live China
by 6'5 196lbs find me in Canton October 14, 2012