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When a female with an incredibly big butt chin, puts a penis in the crack with a little lubericant (usally spit, baby oil, or non-scented lotion) an does and up an downward motions thus making the penis ejaculate all over the females face.
Trey: Hey did you hear?
Alex: Hear what bro?
Trey: Ashlyn gave Luke a chinjob, and he had to be rushed to the ER.
Alex: Oh. Wow what thats awful, but those are very dangerous.
by DattHott October 12, 2012
15 1
when you seductively scratchy/ rub underneath someones chin in a sexual manner.
Eliana come over here and give me a chin job;) Only if you give me one alyssa...
by cheffie+eliana January 09, 2012
4 2
The act of putting butter on a girls chin, placing ur penis on their chin, pulling their chin fat around ur wang, and then thrusting back and forth until ejaculation.
Mrs. Denntt gives a rather swell chinjob.
by Wesleey July 02, 2006
18 20
The act of rubbing ones chin vigorously on anothers dirty crack, giving a goatie beard type effect.
Hey Daz, call that a goatie? Looks like you've been giving Jamie a chinjob.
by Jimbo August 27, 2004
13 20