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Simplification to the extreme. Making something so simple a monkey could understand it. Usually made in reference to a clueless employer.
"I just got finished presenting my ideas to Jim."
"How did it go?"
"Ok, I just had to chimplify it."
by Steve Ringer February 20, 2006
To make an idea or task so simple that even a chimpanzee could comprehend or complete something. Term introduced on the Handyman for the Common Man web-only TV show.
“It’s widely known that Cheney had to chimplify W’s daily presidential briefings; in other words, a Texas monkey couldn’t misunderstand ‘em”.
by The Handy Writer May 10, 2009
to simplify something so much that even a chimp could understand it
the boy didn't understand the homework, so his friend had to chimplify it for him
by kvtalty October 16, 2009