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Common mispelling of Chimeron, an alien race from the Dr. Who series.
That Chimerion is green and ugly!
by Silasenu July 18, 2006
A sub-par race of creatures that are supposed to be a breed fo cave dragons. In reality, they are simply an angler fish/dog hybrid with badly proportioned wings added.

Their creator is notorious for claming that anyone who creates a character with either glowing areas or an antennae are copying her design.

Her methods of harassment are usually to run to her friends, who are all much better artists and hold more weight, and thus can cause more trouble for whomever had the misfortune to draw something similar to her work.
There's a new drawing of a Chimerion up. Yeah, I know it looks like a retarded wolf.
by LaughingCorvid May 13, 2005
Enrugian dragon known for it's sub species, Cave Chimerion, which have bioluminescance to attract prey. See also
raver glowstick poi

Creations of Kasai krimson-katt @ deviantart
Check out that Chimerion! He's glowing Green!
by Kasai March 11, 2005

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