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1. An alternate pronunciation of the word 'chimney'.
2. Part of a wonderful Decemberists song titled The Chimbley Sweep.
1. Lucille smokes like a chimbley.
2. For I am a poor and a wretched boy, a chimbley chimbley sweep.
by Ktee July 28, 2005
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Chimbley is a colloquialism for chimney especially in Maine
They must be home the smoke is coming out of their chimbley.
by rjoy September 23, 2005
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An expression meaning chimney from the Black Country in central England which has it's own version of English which is virtually a language of it's own. Thus:
"If yow doh get that chimbley clayned by a chimbley swayp it's gunna catch alight"

Which translates as:

"If you don't get that chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep it's going to catch fire'
by big boy chris April 29, 2011
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