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A town in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. It is filled with religious people and junkies you can tell them apart because the junkies will have scabs on there face and other typical crack head features. The religious people in Chilliwack look a little better but suffer from a very narrow gene pool. As a result are not able to grasp simple concepts like evolution, The world being older than 6000 years, And the difficulty Moses would have had collecting two of all the animals.
Typical conversation in Chilliwack.

person A: This global warming stuff is interesting what do you think about it?

person B: God already flooded the world once and it won't happen again if we go to church.

person A: Okay then, I'm going to buy drugs, that was painful.

person B: God hates you then! My pastor who is my dads brother married to my sister told me so.
by crackheadhater December 05, 2010
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