A state of comple relaxation and chill-out-ness. To get in a mind set where nothing can faze you.
person1: "jesus man ur stressing me out, work is doing my head in, I'm going crazy!"
person2: "you realy need to chillax before you burst a blood vessel".
by 50percenthuman May 05, 2005
Cross between Chill out and Relax
Come on, seriously Dude, Chillax!
#chill out #relax #calm down #loosen up #aloof
by Mauria Ellenson April 19, 2008
This word means chill and relax. I made it up well i was trying to say chill and relax.
boy you need to chillaxes!
i'm just chillaxin'!
i'm bout to go chillaxes!
by Angela Alise Warnick November 01, 2004
It's a meaning of two words put together; 'chill' and 'relax' .
It's not smth big, it just sounds better and COOLer;)
- Come on dude chillax, I was just kidding!
#naaah #chillax man #it will all be alrigh #you'll see it for your self #she'll come around.
by Pr.gUrl;lola March 13, 2015
chill & relax combined together
person 1: omg someone stole my pencil!!! ahhhhhhh!!

person 2: chillax, it's just a pencil
#chill #relax #word #combined #swag
by iloveselselselselena November 10, 2013
A mix between Chillout and Relax, used mainly in front of an aggressive or nervous person, Chillax is actually more calming than Relax, calm down etc.
Chillax man, it's not worth razing your voice....
#chillout #relax #calm down #enjoy #nervous #aggressive
by Barb the Pirate October 12, 2012
A word bellends use
"Just gonna go and chillax"
#chillax #relax #chill #chillout #chilling
by WOW101 August 07, 2012
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