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Mac-ing made easy. Easy Mac = powdered cheese + noodles + your water + 3.5-4 minutes (Big Packs are 4.5-5 minutes).
"Man I can't remember how long to microwave my Easy Mac Big Pack."
"No problem mate, just remember it like this. The regular packs are 3:33, the Big Packs are 4:44."
by Mugen4 February 27, 2006
Chilling with an ax (or axe). Possibly a real axe (i.e. battle axe), or just a guitar.


The combination of the words "chill" and "relax" to result in an verb of pure tranquility.
Yo homes, whatchu gonna do?
I don't know man, I think I'm just gonna pick up my guitar and chillax.
by Mugen4 February 27, 2006
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