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power of God
He was bestowed with Chike from the day of his birth.
by Mika September 11, 2003
Remarkable; awesome; outstanding: “a totally chike bong hit”

playing, or fooling: "just chiking around"

somone who is chike.

'chike de'
a phrase of overjoy and/or excitement such as "cool" or "sweet"
Scruf: "Hey chiker, I got a pound last night!"
Sneak: "Chike de!!!"
Scruf, yeah he's a chike kid.. just as chike as Sneak!
by sneak May 31, 2004
term used for a persons anal virginity.
I'm going to take her chikes tonight.
Do you still have your chikes?
by ADiggs April 12, 2009
a slang term for a person's glutios cheeks. Can also be used to describe someone's ass.
"Damn that girl has some mean chikes on her!"
"All that gay dude thinks about are chikes."
by Marco Marchizi March 23, 2007
its a chink and a kike mixed together. Theres this kid at my school who is a chinese jew so we call him a chike.
that chike has a huge nose.
by Livingston May 26, 2004
chode dike kike all the goodness involved
"your such a chike eater go eat a thick chike"
by scott sittig March 12, 2008
A combination of chink and kike. An asian jew.
Chikes only take free karate lessons.

Your mom never gives me any of her tight asian pussy. She is such a chike!

Ching chang china man, sitting on a fence. Tried to make a dollar out of ninety-nine cents!
by AOMF January 27, 2008
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