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The southern street term for the meat product produced by the farmers who genetically enhanced chickens by giving them features of a pig. The product has the taste qualities of both chicken and pork.

Chiglig is considered a delicacy within the African-American community because of its tastiness, but also because of its very high price. Its production today is very limited due to its high cost and the rate of failure in successful creation of suitable chickens.
1) Nigggaa, I just got paid. Im gonna get me some chiglig tonight!

2) Should I get some fried chicken or some pork rinds? Shiiiiit. I just gonna get some chiglig.

3) My nigga, dont be greedy with the chiglig. you gotsta to share the good stuff.
by Samari November 08, 2006
An all-encompassing insult or racial slur. Can be used interchangably as a noun, like the shitty place where someone lives or works. It's fun to say.
Shut it, you chig-lig.

Oh yeah? Well your mother was born in a chig-lig, you stupid chig-lig.
by melba ryyn April 19, 2005
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