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The word is believed to have originated from a game of CoD4 on xbox live when a players name, ciggy butt, was miss pronounced as chiggy butt and its definition grew from there. Chiggy butt is a noun which describes being of failure, of epic proportions. A Chiggy butt sucks at life and everything that he/she/it participates in. One who is not a chiggy butt yet still a massive failure can achive what one might call chiggy butt status; In other words be in the state of a chiggy butt for a temporary period of time. chiggy butt, though not one word, is commonly pronounced as one word with 3 syllables: Chig-gy-butt
Ray: "Alex you suck at life you're such a chiggy butt."
Matt: "oh shut up Raymond, you are a chiggy butt."
Alex: "Yeah Ray, you're the chiggy butt!"
Rohit: "Really Alex?! what do you do!!"
Alex: " Fuck you Ro!!"
Matt: "(hahahahaha)"
Ray: "That is true Alex."
Alex: "Fuck you guys."
Matt: "(hahahahaha)
Ray: "calm down chiggy butt"
Matt: "nigga was u talking to me!"
Ray: "I was talking to Alex you dumb fuck"
Matt: "oh ok he is chiggy butt"
Alex: "Fuck You!!!!!!!!!!"
(as you can see from the above conversation Alex is an example of a chiggy butt)
by Chiggybutt June 20, 2009