to rearrange into a chaotic sense of disorder to ones own personal taste.
Yo wisely, How 'bout I chiff your teeth so you be chewing bloody chiclets, bro?
by Manfred" /Bloomfield" Gabriel September 04, 2006
Top Definition
1.To act like an idiot or be in a stage that makes you act a certain way usually not a positive

2. to fuck someone over or get fucked over numerous times.
You Oliver blazed adam so he didn't have to owe him nah i heard he was chiffed.
by KYLEISTHEBEST August 09, 2010
nice fat reefa
yo honky hows dat chiff?
by Honky2k May 25, 2003
The curvature of ones dick
Yo his chiff is crazy. Its like hes holstering a banana!
by Uknowwho420 January 18, 2011
A term for oral sex. Often used when describing oral between two men. This is a word normally used in mixed company due to the ambiguity of the meaning.
"Carl lost they bet! He really doesn't want to chiff Roger."
by Avis Vir September 08, 2008
Even thoug it is pretty much impossible to do, it is similar to a queef, but you fucking fart out your cock.
I was fuckin your mom in the ass when all a sudden i chiffed in her asshole. She said it felt extremely nice.
by Kyle Smith July 05, 2004
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