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Alternative noun for a pistol.
"This dude is talkin' shit, I'm about to grab my chife"
by SoldierRob February 29, 2008
A term by Sunjay Nath about the negative feelings one has, such as sad, mad, bad, etc. Used to replace other negative emotions in a phrase. It is recommended to "lose the chife."
I have chife.

You have to lose the chife to have positivity.
by jasmineexx June 20, 2009
Coined by author Jack Vance.
From the context of its use in his novels, it can be understood to mean an offensive smell, usually of organic origin.
To quote Vance:
" Everywhere across the Gaean Reach, when knowledgeable talk turned to the subject of bad smells and intolerable stinks, someone would insist that the Big Chife of Yipton must be numbered high among the contenders." -- Araminta Station (c. 1987)
by xarqi May 30, 2007
A universal word for negative meaning.

Generally another word for crap or similar word in context.
A: "I got grounded for my messy room"
B: "Aw, thats chife man"
by Shane Baldwin March 18, 2004
to get high
I'm goin get my CHIFE on while she sucks my ding dong, eyes like a ching chong, hard on like King King - Three 6 Mafia

-thats poetry if I've ever heard it!
by its mia! February 24, 2004
Being cool or an attempt at being cool, in a strange retro-sixties way, while being an idiot.
by Niranga Child September 23, 2003
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