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Gayish form to call an achievement from the Xbox 360.
Jimmy: Hi mate i have just got the Seriously chievo of Gears of War!!1!!

John: meh
by Edgar4815 January 18, 2010
Someone who doesn't know how to hunt or fish. Originated in Southern Louisiana, in areas of marsh & bayou's. Most Southern Louisiana locals have lots of hate for chievos, for no reason besides the fact they have no idea how to use the outdoors.
Cachetta ; "That chievo from up north driving down da' bayou today was wreckin all over da' place!"

Dominic ; " Damn chievos betta get da' hell outa here before i bring my rifle out! They don't belong down da road"
by Neatzie September 27, 2011
A geek word for "Achievements".

Mostly used in video games, online games and for real life achievements.
Man, you got so many chievos on Left 4 Dead.

See also Achievement whore
by inetmaster January 18, 2011
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