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A man with a ceiling fetish!
That chico divico is really fixated with that ceiling!
by Juan Bernal March 20, 2003
2 3
Someone that looks at the ceiling as if something is important up there.
Stop staring at the ceiling! Dont be a Chico DiVico!!
by Sebastian March 20, 2003
5 1
Teacher of chemistry, very smoked out as the name explains... mainly worried of what goes on in the skies above moves like a squirl.
come to my school at 5th perion OHS BABY!!!
by Carmine March 20, 2003
4 1
A man with a "woodstock" fetish. (Woodstock as in the bird in Charlie Brown).
Hey chico divico has a woodstock on his shirt! I wonder where he got it!
by Steve McFeeley March 20, 2003
4 2