A man with a ceiling fetish!
That chico divico is really fixated with that ceiling!
by Juan Bernal March 20, 2003
Top Definition
Someone that looks at the ceiling as if something is important up there.
Stop staring at the ceiling! Dont be a Chico DiVico!!
by Sebastian March 20, 2003
Teacher of chemistry, very smoked out as the name explains... mainly worried of what goes on in the skies above moves like a squirl.
come to my school at 5th perion OHS BABY!!!
by Carmine March 20, 2003
A man with a "woodstock" fetish. (Woodstock as in the bird in Charlie Brown).
Hey chico divico has a woodstock on his shirt! I wonder where he got it!
by Steve McFeeley March 20, 2003
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