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A penis, or slang for one.
"While I'm chico stickin' Philipino women" Juelz Santana
by Adam Sullivan November 01, 2005
Slang for penis, cock, dick etc.
"Hoe suck my chico stick"-random guy in car
by Death Mace December 23, 2005
Mexican girl who steals from people then lies about it . Also another word for penis .
That chico stick stole my camera !

I want some of his chico stick
by Band Geek KJ August 06, 2009
A crunchy and yummy brown candy that has a peanut butter substance in side of it.
the lady or man sucked the peanut butter out of the chic-o-stick. then the man hit the lady across the face with his chic-o-stick
by amanda & kelsey September 07, 2008
a tasty treat, VERY TASTY
"hey girl u wanna suck on my chico stick?"
by KROAKSTOOL September 12, 2006