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slang for the city of Victoria, B.C. (canada). a combintation of the word "Chick" (slang for a hot girl/lady) and the city of Victoria. This name is used because the city of Victoria apparantly has a girl to guy ratio of 3-1 or 4-1, depending if you got laid recently or not.
joe- how's the club scene recently??
milenkovitch- friggin amazing!! there are so many hotties in Chicktoria i can't believe it!!
joe- thats so much better than Lantana Florida. I think there are ,like, no hotties there!!
milenkovitch- umm yeah what are you talking about??
joe- i don't know, pass me that joint.
milenkovitch- yeah sure , smoke ya later!!
by milenkovitch May 04, 2009
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