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Chickenomics - is an analytical study on Chicks/Gals.
Its just like Mathematics or Economics.

In Chickenomics we search Sine Curves on Gals and GDP of her family.
Chickenomics is a Great Concept - Its the Art of Seduction.
I've got a Masters in Chickenomics.
by Linkin Park November 17, 2005
The practice of blindly throwing money at a problem in a panic, especially by a government.
The bailout and stimulus bill are perfect examples of chickenomics.
by Schneiderman February 22, 2009
Chickenomics is something like Economics or Mathematics !
Analysing everything about a topic or object.
Sin curves in Mathematics or Shape curves in Girls - Its art or call it science.
Chickenomics is the art of Seduction.What say ?
Ive got a Masters Degree in Chickenomics!
by Linkin Park October 01, 2005
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