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A mystical beast that is only seen by stoners after a few too many. it is believed that during a running race between a chicken and a llama, they ran with such synchronization that they tore a hole in the space-time continuum and got sucked in, only to come out morphed into one being. Chickenllama shall some day rule the earth. It has a llama body but a chicken head and tail, it is also known to wear funky hats on occasion.
*Jack pulls cone*
Jack: OMG, dude Chickenllama is back!!!
Dean: bro, maybe you've had enough... oh shit, i can see it too.
Jack: reckon we can eat it?
Dean: yeah bro lets do it.
*Dean and Jack eat Chickenllama*
by ChickenChickenChicken August 05, 2010
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