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Bouncing on a trampoline whilst eating, the chicken that was not consumed is then thrown on the trampoline.

The game is to land a flip without landing in the greasy fried chicken.
Person 1: Oi lads wanna go chickenflip?
Person 2: Yes mate, I love chickenflippin!
by roachicorn September 09, 2011
1. A slam on an object or person in which the object or person does a flip while in the process of being slammed.

2. A redneck version of a judo throw.
dude 1: did hear about Larry the cable guy beating up that crackhead?

dude 2: yeah he tried to stab him with a crack pipe so Larry chicken flipped him and knocked him out.
by pa-sushy July 21, 2011
when a small earth-bound bird summersaults.
"Holy balls, that rooster just did a chickenflip."
by sexybabexxx9999 November 27, 2009

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