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a. The common domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus) or its young. BUT like a pig
b. Any of various similar or related birds BUT like a pig.
c. The flesh of the common domestic fowl BUT like a pig.
2. Slang A coward BUT like a pig.
3. Any of various foolhardy competitions in which the participants persist in a dangerous course of action until one loses nerve and stops BUT like a pig.
4. Vulgar Slang A young gay male, especially as sought by an older man BUT like a pig.
Slang Afraid; cowardly BUT like a pig that is acting like a coward.
intr.v. chick·ened, chick·en·ing, chick·ens Slang
To act in a cowardly manner; lose one's nerve: chickened out at the last moment BUT like a pig who is about to be bacon.
Emma said "Josh you're such a Chicken-Piggy" Josh replied with a flap of his arms and oinked his heart out.."
by Dosh Jailo July 25, 2008
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