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Masturbating a guy with eccentric elbow movements.
1 - "Ali so got chicken wanged by Lizzie the other night !"

2 - Lizzie: "OMG Ali do you wanna' get chicken wanged?!?"
by Cooldude122 March 17, 2009
deep fried rooster penises, slathered in buffalo sauce, then dipped in a creamy fromage de bleu
-Hey, want some chicken wangs?
-What, are you from Alabama all of a sudden?
-No, I just want to eat rooster dicks.
by Bum Stiggity Bum February 13, 2010
A chicken wing from Bojangles.
let's go get some chicken wangs
by hogg dogg September 16, 2003
Jiggly fat/flab on the upper arm, adjacent to the (usually underdeveloped) triceps brachii.
Since I've put on some weight, I've noticed a definite chicken wang has developed on the underside of my arms!
by Fatty-Fatty Chicken Fry January 07, 2013
A disfigured appendage, usually located directly below the elbow. (May be painted for decoration.)
Marcus thinks that lady's chicken wang is sexy.
by lala_shthumbs May 28, 2003

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