A common form of discipline first adopted by vexed American townspeople in the early and mid 19th century, to eradicate bank robbers and consisting of three basic actions done unto the criminal:

a. the criminal would be tied down, and his arms and legs removed by wood saw, becoming a 'nugget'

b. he would then be tarred and feathered, becoming a 'chicken' in addition to already being a 'nugget'

c. finally, he would be placed at the site of his robbery, and be made to squawk like a chicken, thus becoming a 'chicken nugget'. Oftentimes, the criminal would later be eaten by members of the community, completing the nuggetting cycle

More recently, this practice has been revived to punish noobs, posers, and virgin sluts, and the nugget is usually consumed at the local KFC by all of their past victims
e.g. #1
Towns person: You robbed our bank, you know what this means. Chicken Nugget Time!

Criminal: Please, please, please just kill me. Do anything, anything, pierce my urethra with an infected needle, anything, just don't make me into a chicken nugget... I'll suck your dick man...

Towns person: You have left me no choice. Prepare the saws. But wait, first... were you serious about the bj?

e.g. #2

Guy 1: bro! Why are you cutting off Jim's arms and legs, he was gonna answer all of our lab questions!

Guy 2: Dude, chillax. Jim isn't gonna die until I finish chicken nuggetting him. Besides, he was a total poser - he was only pretending to be smart. I can't wait to try him with Honey BBQ
by achilles27 May 03, 2009
Any form of sex followed by the receiving partner getting covered in cum and barbeque sauce.
friend #1: hey man, i heard you gave your girlfriend a chicken nugget yesterday.

friend #2: hell yeah, she took it better than a Macdon's drive thru.
by noodlenightmare November 02, 2010
A term of abuse towards a girl, calling her cheap white meat.
that chicks a chicken nugget
by torpor March 03, 2009
(n, pl.) An exclamatory phrase of exasperation. Can be shortened to "nuggets" for those on the go. Also can be used as a derogatory name.
Greg: Hey man, how was the test?
Carter: Fucking hard. I bet everyone failed it.
Greg: Chicken nuggets! I'll never pass this class.

Lisa: Did you bring protection?
Greg: Oh, nuggets! I left it in my room.

Carter: Dude, you wouldn't believe this idea Greg and I had!
John: Ha, you chicken nuggets are high as fuck.
by Tomdabombadil November 24, 2013
A partially charred or burnt bud of marijuana, usually left over in the bowl.
Guy 1: Did Mike let you borrow his bong?
Guy 2: Yeah man, and I even found some chicken nuggets left in the bowl.
by SlamminGrooves October 15, 2010
I pooped out 75 chicken nuggets :D
by Fabio Fobbs January 19, 2012
people that have a rough face
damn buddy face look like a chicken nugget
by boss man 101 December 07, 2009

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