An extremely slutty girl.
"Wow, Jill's such a chicken coop; there are cocks flying in and out of her all day."
by ajaku3174 March 14, 2008
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Sexual act, performed on a male. Beginning with analingus, slowly pecking ones way to the front of the male until reaching the testicles.
I gave Larry a 'chicken coop' last night and ended up with 'two eggs' in my mouth.
by Mr. Everything September 15, 2011
The female equivalent of "Blue Balls." When a female has not had sexual intercourse over an extended period of time, her eggs begin to build up in her overies much like a chicken coop that has not been emptied.
"Girl if I don't get the 'D' anytime soon, I'm going to turn into a chicken coop."
by The Real Merriam-Webster March 01, 2015
(Trucker CB Slang) Official State weight & check station where trucks are weighed and documentation is checked.
"The chicken coops are all locked up" (The weigh station is closed)
by Bill Kast January 18, 2004
Insult used to discribe the Vespa (ha ha) scooter due to it's ugliness and comparisons to a laquered snail.
1. You chicken coop riding queer.
2. Lets set that chicken coop on fire, it offends me.
3. I'd rather drink my own vomit than ride a chicken coop.
4. Thats a fast coop, it passed me doing 15 miles per hour.
by fleafleaflea September 16, 2006
Office job
Billy: Hey man, are you gonna go back to working in an office?
Ed: Nah, I don't ever want to go back to working in a chicken coop!
by mam25a November 18, 2011
slang name for bra
lemme take a peek at your chicken coop
by TheLoveeDoctor June 02, 2009

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