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The unsung hero of a bridal party, usually older than a ring bearer and younger than a groomsman, whose responsibility it is to leverage his cuteness to hookup groomsmen with available bridesmaids. If the groomsman lacks the confidence necessary for the mission to succeed, it is also the responsibility of the chicken wingman to call him, "CHICKEN!" and ply him with drinks (and optional celery stalks) until the mission is completed successfully.
Groomsman: "The bride's cousin looks pretty hot in that seasonally appropriate dress that she'll never wear again; but, I don't know if I can talk to her."

Chicken wingman: "Chicken! Do this shot of tequila, munch on these celery stalks, and then we'll go over there, and I'll introduce you."

Groomsman: "Thanks, buddy. You're a great chicken wingman."
by FigData June 20, 2016
In a situation where two people are at a cook out, and both are going towards the grill. One of them is generous enough to pass up the last steak, burger,bratwurst or some other delicious meat product and takes the grilled chicken so the other person can enjoy the steak etc.
John:" to bad there is only one New York strip left, and I really don't want that chicken thigh "
James: " don't worry bruh, I'll take the chicken"

John: " really,thanks, talk bout a chicken wingman"
by Jccc exxxcelz July 03, 2013
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