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To be hit by a elbow, also known as the "chicken wing slap". Harder to deliver, as it requires your opponent to be behind you, but more effective than a punch, since your wrist would twist slightly as your fist connected, reducing the overall force exerted. A elbow can be delivered quicker, so it hurts more, often with a quick jolt of your shoulders.

Chicken winging somebody in front of you is not advised.
After this chollo slapped my head against a paper-thin aluminin locker, I chicken winged him off my back and stomped his teeth in.
#elbow #chicken slap #slap #shoulder #shouldered
by C Tan October 28, 2005
A sales term meaning to lose a sale, due to the client hanging up the phone, just before they were meant to hand over their Direct Debit details. The sheer frustration of this event results in the sales agent slamming down the phone several times in the form of a flapping chicken. Hence, Chicken Winged.
Salesman #1:
The customer said it was the perfect product for him, and said he was just going to get his wallet for the direct debit details, Then he hung up.

Salesman # 2:
You just got Chicken Winged.

Salesman #1:
I just got Chicken Winged.
by Squirrel the Nut Hoarder November 22, 2015
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