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When black girls thrust their head back and forth when they are usually yelling at you, much like a chicken thrusts its head back and forth when it walks or runs.
That black girl was fucking chicken necking when she was yelling at me.
by CMBC June 02, 2009
The process by which you tie a raw chicken neck to a string in order to lure a crab to bite it. (P.S. chicken necks float so you might want to weight it down.)
We went chicken necking for crabs along the shore line.
by Patti Lisa September 02, 2007
The process in which one whips out their dick and vigorously shakes it at another individual while proclaiming, "Chicken Neck," in a humorous fashion.
Ronald: Hey, Colonel, what's up?
Colonel Sanders: *Whips out junk and begins to shake it at Ronald* CHICKEN NECK!
Ronald: You're a sick fuck, Colonel Sanders, always Chicken Necking me...
by Buckman3000 May 14, 2013
When a person is about to pass out and they look like they are choking.
A term used only for people who can't take the heat.
*a running person stops and gasps for air*

"Holy crap!! They chicken necking!! Get some water!!"
by Cazmanian Devil May 02, 2010
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