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noun: someone who makes a big deal out of nothing; a drama queen.

verb: make a big production out of a small event.
Your mom is a complete Chicken Little.

My boyfriend chicken littled over my being 10 minutes late.
by Susan February 04, 2004
1. A forgotten KFC offering that only people who were almost born in the 1970's remember.

2. A euphemism for doomsday preppers.
1. Laura really wished that KFC would bring back Chicken Littles.

2. Those Chicken Littles were gathering canned beans like there was no tomorrow.
#chickenlittles #chic'n liddles #kfc #doomsday-preppers #end of times #apocalypse
by Iamarm January 06, 2014
those delicious little sandwiches that KFC once served, Containing solely, mayonaise, a fried meat square, lettuce, and a bun.
I once ate 48 of those delicious chicken littles.
#chicken parm #brothel #sandwich #chicken #delicious #hamstring
by Whorehey Regula July 21, 2006
that one character in that one movie
john ly looks like chicken little :] aha
#john #ly #chicken #little #movie
by ch!cken l!tt!e March 23, 2009
man with a little dick
sydney: oh man that dude had a chicken little??!!
sharkeisha: yeah he had that baby dick doe
#chicken #little #chicken little #little chicken #penis #tiny penis #dick #tiny dick #tiny
by gangstasexy69 July 22, 2014
1) the weird movie/book about a chicken.

2) a stupid nickname for a guy who is dumb.
pinkee-i hate chickenlittle.
chickenlittle-stfu u hoe. i hate u. im hot. even thought im fat, i still think im cool. im 15 but i look like a fat 9-year-old! woohoo.
pinkee-thats not my problem. u shouldnt have put my wyldryde nickname on urban dictionary. even though i like the definition.
chickenlittle-i was saying u were awesome!
pinkee-i dont like u! leave me alone!
#chickenlittle #pinkee #dumb #people #wyldryde #retards #hate
by pinkee September 13, 2008
another name for goose bumps
I had to shit so bad, I got chicken littles
by Jenn October 02, 2004
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