To come to a realisation of thought. To have an idea appear all of a sudden.
Origin - The music played on the movie "Shaft" making a chika-chika-chow noise. Usually played after an exciting moment.
Detective Partner 1 - "Ive just realised! He didnt commit suicide, he was murded and there are prints all over the scene!"
Detective Partner 2 - "Chickachow!!!"
by Sarg September 07, 2005
Top Definition
something to say when you are exited or stoked. Used as a way of a short congratulations or sound of joy.
originated Nanaimo B.C. from a group of snowboarders.
Buddy or friend does something sweet for funny others may go "nice man" or "hell yea". "Chicka-Chow" can be used the same way.
by dslott February 04, 2010
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