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Chick Fu (sometimes chick-fu) refers to the heart-pounding, action-packed (psuedo cat-fighty) and completely mezmorizing kung-fu battles between hot women (usu. in film).
(1) Did you see the awesome Chick Fu in the movie Total Recall??? I fell out of my chair!!!! the action was soooooo HOT! (circa 1990)

(2) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon had engrossing and well correographed chick fu between the main character and her arch enemy.

(3) Trinity, in the Matrix performed Chick fu against her digital enemies with grace and agressiveness never seen before, esp. using the bullet-cam... drooollllll...

(4) Kill Bill, the movie had the most chick fu I have ever seen in one movie ever!!!!
by dave_helmut February 25, 2011
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