Big Daddy Kane said it best: "No need to educate Chicago - they already have Common Sense" :)
In fact by now, I hope that Luniz got a 100 on it.
by renato June 21, 2005
Located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, Chicago has an incredible skyline. Chicago is very culturally diverse and has awesome pizza, interesting museums, beautiful parks, blues clubs, and a strong theatre scene too. All four seasons are enjoyed in Chicago, but the summers can get intencely hot and the winters bone-chilling cold. The "hawk" (forceful wind) blowing off Lake Michigan in the winter toughens-up the residents there.
"...back to the same old place, sweet home, Chicago!"
by Mack C January 14, 2007
Great place with great: public transit, food, people, weather, police force, roads, community, schools, suburbs, sports teams, chicks, dudes, etc.

The city is commonly percieved as spread out between racial groups, but that's not really true...True, there are some sides of the city more ghetto than others but really its a pretty equal place all around, other than what I just mentioned.

It's better than NYC because people are nicer, food is better and the traffic is lighter, and it's not so much a "designer city" like NYC, if you know what I mean...No other city comes close.

Food suggestions from a Native:
pizza - Lou Malnati's, the original Uno's, *Edwardo's
hot dogs - **U Dawg U, Superdawg, Portillo's
(*in suburb of Skokie
** in suburb of Niles)

I live in Washington DC but Chicago will always be my hometown.

REPRESENT THE 773/312/847
The food in Chicago is better than the food in New York City.
The traffic in Chicago is better than the traffic in LA.
The police in Chicago is better than the police in Washington DC. And also the subway and bus setup.
by represent the 773, 312 and 847 December 14, 2004
greatest city in the universe
dude: you goin to chicago
dudette: yea
dude: oh shit B! das tight!
by Jwf101 November 26, 2005
Greatest city ever!!!
I have been to that crime ridden shit hole new york, that POS city stanks somethin fierce. i would not even compare chicago to that disgrace.

for the rest of illinois they are lucky to have chicago. Chicago/cook county taxes pay for so much for the rest of the state, that is where all the money is in the entire state. some one from bloomington or springfield, how much do you pay in taxes?

if chicago wasn't the greatest city ever, why would it have the highest return rate out of any city?

the weather is interesting, but it shows that chicagoans are no pussys. we can stand -50 wind chills and heat waves of 104.

you don't like chicago, fuck you and get the fuck out of our city then!!
"take me back to chicago and lay my soul to rest...take me back to chicago cause hustlin' not my style."
by i heart chi-town February 23, 2005
the best city on earth better then the shit hole new york
dont try to compare new york to chicago chicago is just to good for new york
by cho cho cho August 29, 2005
Chicago has many nicknames like the Second City (to New York), City of Big Shoulders and the Windy City. The weather sucks; it's sweltering in the summer and below zero most of the winter. The central business district (downtown) is called the Loop because the El encompasses it. Ethnic groups are spread nearly evenly throughout the city, except for the west side, which is mostly African American. We have two airports, two baseball teams, a corrupt local government and a lot of people from southern Illinois who are jealous of us. Contrary to popular belief (as seen above) the north side is not all white and the south side is not all black. Kanye West & the Smashing Pumpkins are two artists from Chicago.
Chicago is inaccurately misrepresented in this "URBAN DICTIONARY" thus far.
by Kristy November 03, 2004
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