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A character from the Dragon Ball series. His name is also spelt "Chaozu". He is a small, pretty quiet, red-cheeked human member of the Z-Fighters who specializes in psychic abilities. He is best friends with Tien. In the 3rd DB movie "Mystical Adventure", he has a wife known as Ran Ran. He levitates more than he walks.
Chiaotzu is usually seen with the other Z-Fighters whilst levitating beside his best friend Tien.
by AngryFridge123 December 25, 2008
A rare but very weak Pokemon-in-denial. Only move known is self-destruct. Rock smash and anything Nappa related is super effective against this Pokemon. He's so pathetic even Krillin lasted longer than him.
Nappa: uhhh...Uhhhhhh...VEGETA! LOOK! A pokemon :)
Chiaotzu: I'm not a Pokemon! I'm Chiaotzu! CHIAOTZU!

Nappa: You hear that Vegeta? It's a Chiaotzu. I'm gonna catch it!

Nappa: VEGETA! The Pokemon's on my back. Aghhh I can't get it off Vegeta! Ahh, here, I'll use rock smash!
by Vegeta Jr. May 25, 2011
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