A type of girl, usually Native American or Hispanic descent, who wears BIG hoop earrings, slicks back their hair with some sort of greasy gel, has a huge bun on the top of her dark haired head, wears tight shirts (usually playboy brand etc.), tight capris, little playboy purses, and fat shoes such as etnies. They usually walk around neighborhoods and have annoying voices. They usually have black penciled on eyebrows and a lot of ugly makeup. With blue eyeshadow. Theyyy @l$0 lyke 2 t@lk lyk3 d!s 0n my$p@c3. They're the dankist.
One day, Lauren and Brooke saw a chio, before the name chio came, and decided to have a name for those things. Lauren said," DANG MAMA!!!! That gurls gots ta be called a chio!!!!!!!! " Brooke decided the name was good and the rest is history.
by 1 eyed trouser snake alfonzo June 19, 2009
Top Definition
Nickname for the sorority Chi Omega. Founded in 1895 at Arkansas University, Chi Omega is the largest women's fraternal organization in the world with over 300,000 initiates and 170 collegiate chapters. Chi O's are beautiful, classy, friendly, and fun.

Some famous Chi Omegas include Lucy Liu, Heather Locklear, Sela Ward, and Cybill Shepard.
(After winning some competition as Chi O usually does)
Bitter Ugly ADPi: What the hell?!?! You are all just a bunch of Chi Ho's!!
Chi O: Don't get mad...get better.

David Letterman: "Chi O's were ideal partners for all occasions. They were discrete, desirable, tactful, polite and fun. Every mom dreamed of her son coming home with a Chi Omega."

Open motto: Chi Omega - Having More Fun than you Since 1895
by Pike4Life June 14, 2006
The nickname for the sorority Chi Omega. Chi O's are discrete, desirable, tactful, polite, and fun. They are always the classiest girls on every campus. All the guys want to be with a Chi O, and all the girls want to be a Chi O.
Tommy: who's that really cool hot girl?
Jimmy: that's a chi o, duh
by greekgirl April 06, 2005
Singaporean/Malaysian slang for really good looking, attractive girl. Not in a girl-next-door way but in a really hot, sexy (and sometimes anime) way.
"Wa Lau! That girl is really Si-Bei Chio Man!!!!"
by KeNnEf! February 06, 2004
used to describe a pretty girl
damm she's chio
by stardust September 04, 2003
An island in the Agean near the coast of Turkey that is known for its long list of shipowning families, remarkable architecture, incredible history, et cetera.
All Greeks know that people from Chios are the smartest Greeks in Greece.
by Chioti man December 15, 2003
A word in dialect to describe a beautiful female. It is more commonly used in Singapore and Malaysia. Despite it's meaning,it is considered rude or uncultured to use this word to describe someone.
"Walao,that girl damn chio sia!"
"Wah,really leh! Eh,got chio bu sia!"
by TentacleAuxiliatrix January 05, 2014
1.Mexican nickname for Rocio.

2.Nickname that only best friends are allowed to call their best friend, Rocio.
1.Aunt from Mexico: Hola Chio, como estas?
Rocio: Bien gracias, y usted?

2.Best Friend: Chio Girl! What were you thinking?!
Rocio: I love you too.
by r0wsea0h July 19, 2008
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