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Origins not quite known. Depending on who you are and when you ask you will get a different story. Cheyjuanas are generally an amazing person with a personality like no other. With just a touch of ridiculousness, Cheyjuanas are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. Cheyjuanas surround themselves with ridiculous people in order to entertain and ridicule (in the nicest way of course). Cheyjuanas are the people you want around in a time of trouble; they will always have something hilarious to say to lighten the mood, and discuss the worst possible scenario so nothing could ever be that bad.
Why is there a video of you being ridiculous on the internet? Cheyjuana
Why did you just contribute in class if you don't know the answer?
Why are you so terrified and can't sleep, there is clearly nothing around?
Why do people think you're gay?
by Shaggy/Scooby October 13, 2012
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