Cheyanne, my bestfriend, a beautiful, amazing person. She is always there when I need her. I couldn't live without her. She is a very special person and will always have a place in my heart. My first true friend. <3
I love you Cheyanne!
by MonsterHD18 June 24, 2013
Top Definition
The utmost existence of perfection. Cheyanne is the most gorgeous and pure person on Earth. She's always on time, very punctual and helpful. She's the one who volunteers for everything, no matter how weird. Cheyanne is that person who agrees to be 'that persons' partner when no one else wants to. She's the favorite of all higher ups. No one hates Cheyanne, and it's the 11th commandment to not upset her. She always apologizes for everything, even if it's not even VAGUELY her fault. Once you know her, the phrase: "What Would Jesus Do?" Changes into: "What Would Cheyanne Do?" And you find it works much better that way. She's extremely smart and clever, but she also does sports, so she's smart AND in shape! Cheyanne is just perfection and idealism, which cannot every be expressed in enough words. Even this definition is simply scraping the top of the surface, as Cheyanne is just so magnificent that no one could ever imagine.
Person one: "Wow! That girl is so nice and perfect, and she never makes anyone mad!"

Person two: "She has the makings of a Cheyanne!"
by Syddox July 06, 2009
A female angel who got lost on her way to heaven. You'll fuck up. She'll forgive. You'll hurt. She'll take care. You'll love. She'll love. She is an epitome of human beauty and personality. You will drown in her eyes. Don't fuck up with her. If you fuck up, you'll have God to deal with because God takes care of his angels. Look in her eyes and you'll see the solution to every problem, every worry taken care of, every pain numbed. Her eyes are



You have her, you have the world and more. You lose her, well just kill your fucking self.

You may be one person to the world, but Cheyanne? You're the world to one fucking person.

I love you Cheyanne.
Perfect (adjective):

1) Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

e.g. Cheyanne

I asked God for help. He made me meet Cheyanne.
by ZakR November 22, 2013
An amazing person. A bit violent with her friends, but it works well with her witty and clever personality. Also beautiful and talented. She uses these talents to help the less fortunate. Can be truly inspiring at times.
Guy 1: damn who's that?
Guy 2: that's Cheyanne, she's awesome.
by Clever jokes July 19, 2013
A beautiful name. She is a beautiful women. You always have to treat them with respect. She is very strong and smart. But they always love to run in the hallways.
" Cheyanne, stop running in the halls!"
by soccerhead23 February 27, 2015
Cheyanne is a beautiful person and has her ups and downs with her friend's, but can sometimes be rude.
Cheyanne is rude to Monica King.
by rudeasscheyanne December 27, 2015
No words can really describe "CheyAnne". She is just simply amazing. This girl is an amazing athlete, she is very gorgeous. Her booty though! Her attitude is very strong.
Did you see that spike, that must of been CheyAnne.

That butt though...

must be "CheyAnne's."
by bootyy5 December 08, 2015
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