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A Chew Bitch Sports Writer that never played a Sport in his life
"Man I hate Dan Shaughnessy"

"I know man, he's so chewish"
by soxfan93 October 05, 2010
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A cheap chinese person or chink; that may or may not practice Judaism, they just need to be extremely cheap, like your typical Jew. (yamaka optional)

Chinese + Jewish = Chewish
Chigger: “Yo, what's crackalackin?”
Redneck: “Can I trouble you fo 37 cents? Need postage to mail sumting to my cuz, er I mean wife.”
Chigger: “Dem cracker, get to steppin, I aint got it”
Redneck: “com'on, stop being chewish.”
by sumchink July 28, 2006
when someone is talking while they are eating this is the language they are speaking
person1: "So mmm(crunch)mmm Whats mmm(chew)mmm happening mm....
Person2: Oh, I didn't know you speak chewish?
by Keith.C November 28, 2004

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