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A car that saves you money when you buy it but will cost you lots in the long run. American car companies offer 0% financing, which is how they sell so many cars. Then they make the profit on the aftermarket parts to fix all those cars.

The Cavalier is known for its bad bearings, head gasket, brakes, paint, trim, doors hinges, radio, lower control arms, abs system, seatbelts and overall high maintenance.

Save now and pay later is the motto here, buy a Toyota or Honda next time.
Damn, looks like the other front wheel bearings needs to be replaced. *opens wallet*
by Dan February 19, 2005
A Cheaply manufactured foreign car that has a General Motors badge on it. Build quality is nothing short of terrible. None of the parts fit right. Vital components tend to break before non vital ones (Ignition breaks before the stereo does), With it's tiny, emission-control choked I-4 it sounds as cheap as it is.
Has a terribly short life expectancy.
Me: Wow. We have a 98 Cavalier in the shop already, eh? What Happened?
Dan: What didn't? The timing belt snapped like glass dipped in dry-ice, the ignition won't turn, the starter is history, and it's stuck in 3rd gear.
Me: I see... How many miles does it have on it.
Dan: About 63K.

See also Mechanic's Friend
by Talen the Twitchy January 04, 2005
Easily the worst car in automobile history. Can be found being drivin by pedofile 20 year old men that wear backwards caps and wife beaters.
In attempts to making their car look japanese, these drivers will attach poorly installed underbody lights and unattractive altezza style taillights.
"That guy driving that Chevy Cavalier should sell his car, buy a gun with the money, and shoot himself."
by Pompey-San November 28, 2003