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A)What you need when your peice of shit Chevy breaks down and you have to walk to get a tow truck.
B)Something you dont have when you own a Ford.
A)Man......I have to use my Chevrolegs, again, I can't belive it! The damn Chevy broke down again and I have to find a tow truck.
B)Look at that looser....He is using his Chevrolegs, He must be broke down. I'm glad I'm in a Ford......I dont need Chevrolegs.
by GM HATERS OF THE U.S.A April 04, 2009
The kind of vehicle you own when you can't afford a car.

Your feet.
Girl: "What kind of car you got?"
Guy: "Chevrolegs."
Girl: "Loser!"
by Nick Berg's Head June 04, 2004
When a dejenerate with no car or transport is left to his/her own devices.
Hey did you see Chris on the road the other day?
Yeah he was on his Chevrolegs
Trying to hitchhike

What a loser

What kinda horse power ya got in those Chevrolegs?
by Wellhung217 January 08, 2014
A poorly made American vehicle. When you can't afford a ford, and can not see the power of Hemi. You would even be better off in a Toyota.
dummy: Dude check out my new Chevy
dude: So you sprouted some Chevrolegs.
dummy: what?
dude: well, it's just that you bought a piece of crap, with a bowtie.
by Jake Fischer May 13, 2005
misspelled word of Chevrolet, an American car company, famous for making the Corvette, and that's it.
Its pronounciation sounds like "shave your leg"
Newton: does Toyota make the Corvette?
Guy: No you idiot, Chevy did.
by Khoi May 13, 2005