misspelled word of Chevrolet, an American car company, famous for making the Corvette, and that's it.
Its pronounciation sounds like "shave your leg"
Newton: does Toyota make the Corvette?
Guy: No you idiot, Chevy did.
by Khoi May 13, 2005
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The kind of vehicle you own when you can't afford a car.

Your feet.
Girl: "What kind of car you got?"
Guy: "Chevrolegs."
Girl: "Loser!"
by Nick Berg's Head June 04, 2004
When a dejenerate with no car or transport is left to his/her own devices.
Hey did you see Chris on the road the other day?
Yeah he was on his Chevrolegs
Trying to hitchhike

What a loser

What kinda horse power ya got in those Chevrolegs?
by Wellhung217 January 08, 2014
A)What you need when your peice of shit Chevy breaks down and you have to walk to get a tow truck.
B)Something you dont have when you own a Ford.
A)Man......I have to use my Chevrolegs, again, I can't belive it! The damn Chevy broke down again and I have to find a tow truck.
B)Look at that looser....He is using his Chevrolegs, He must be broke down. I'm glad I'm in a Ford......I dont need Chevrolegs.
by GM HATERS OF THE U.S.A April 04, 2009
A poorly made American vehicle. When you can't afford a ford, and can not see the power of Hemi. You would even be better off in a Toyota.
dummy: Dude check out my new Chevy
dude: So you sprouted some Chevrolegs.
dummy: what?
dude: well, it's just that you bought a piece of crap, with a bowtie.
by Jake Fischer May 13, 2005
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