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The most beautiful, sweet, amazing, and breath taking girl alive. The one who has the key to my heart, and my unconditional love. She's perfect, and every single guy wishes he could have her. She's just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, she has a beautiful face, perfect figure, super nice @$$, and is a really good kisser. She makes me really happy, and hearing her voice every day is like listening to an angel singing. If you ever come in contact with her you will know because you will hear the sound of your jaw dropping and you'll probably fall in love instantly. And someday babe i hope you stumble upon this and think of me, because that's why I did this. But all guys need to back the f*** off cuz she's mine. And she always will be. <3
Guy 1: hey did you see that new Kim kardashian poster for playboy?
Guy 2: yeah its almost as $3+¥ as chevelley
by devinsloan889 December 05, 2011
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