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1. A biscuit or sweet, baked pastry product that rests on the chest area in between periods of eating said delicacy.
1. 'Can I have a bite of your chescuit?'
by John Barry July 05, 2006
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Also known as a Cheescuit. A delicious snack, destined to find fame among pregnant women, stoners and adventurous people. An 'Ouma' buttermilk rusk (or any other short bread or buttermilk biscuit) wrapped in a slice of cheese, this delectable dairy smack down snack delivers a scrumptious tea-time snack with honey and lemon tea.
Chescuit: A buttermilk rusk wrapped in a blanket of cheese is not only a delicious treat, it's a good idea. Now excuse me while I enjoy myself a Cheescuit.
by Lubz. March 14, 2015

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