A delicious chocolate bar
Man that cherry ripe was delicious, i could kill for another
by sausaged as October 02, 2008
Top Definition
When a girl is on her period and then takes a shit. When she wipes the toilet paper looks like a cherry ripe.
Holy fuck dude, Someone left a cherry ripe behind the toilet!
by randomukislukis October 24, 2011
The visual of a black womans vagina when you open up her flaps.
E.g. Damn mang, Monishas got a damn cherry ripe!


Dude man! Last night was crazy, Roshandas has a wild downstairs mix up!
by JaffleFrappez July 23, 2008
A sex act involving a male or female defecating into a vagina.
"That was the worst porno ever...I cant believe that dude did a cherryripe, and then ate it."
by cherryripist May 27, 2009
Cherry Ripe
The visual of a black womans vagina when you open up her flaps.
E.g. Shit mang, you've been in Monishas cherry ripe too?? Daymm!


Dude! Last night was crazy, Roshandas wild downstairs mix up looks as delicious as a cherry ripe!
by JaffleFrappez July 29, 2008
When the male has sex with a woman while she is in her menstruation period, And coats his penis in blood, then has sex with her analy coating his penis in poo. Thus creating the look of a cherry ripe. After the action the girl if she wants to can suck the guy off. Enjoying the candy treat.
Hey Elliott i gave the girl a good cherry ripe last night cheaper then the real thing.
by Skete February 04, 2007
when a guy licks a girls period out of her, which then can be turned into a rainbow if the girl has his cum in her mouth and they kiss and mix it..
I cherry riped her!!
by charli February 17, 2004
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