When you have anal sex and cum in their ass and pull your dick out and its covered with cum, shit, and blood.
I was fucking this chick in the ass and when I nutted and pulled it out it looked like a cherry cordial, so I asked her if she wanted it.
by Pantelones July 25, 2013
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Having sex with a woman while she is having her menstral period and pulling out in time to ejaculate into her anus. Following this she will squeeze the mixture of seman, blood, and feces out of her anus. Resulting in a cherry cordial coined by Johnny Fuller of K2P.
A Cherry cordial is a term for the screwing of a girl while she's on her period, and nutting in her ass while she squeezes out the bloody, poop filled jizz treat.
by Johnny Fuller March 31, 2007

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