You ejaculate in a girls mouth and then you punch her in the back or in the stomach so that the sperm comes back up through her nose walrus. Then, you punch her in the nose while the cum is dripping out and the blood gets mixed with the cum and looks like a cherry cheescake.
Jason: Jeez i hate that bitch. I had to give her a cherry cheesecake to tell her that i had had enough.
by zander April 19, 2005
Top Definition
Cum on her face and punch her in the nose.
by Lula Hoop And Chim October 15, 2003
While getting head, you pull out and shoot your load on her face, making the cheesecake. Then you proceed to punch her in the nose to make the cherries.
She was being a real bitch, so I gave here a cherry cheesecake.
by KashMoneySTL August 07, 2006
1)A rich tart with biscuit base, filled with a mixture of cream cheese, cream, sugar, and often sultanas. Occasionally accompanied by a novelty fruit topping, the elusive cherry.

2)A pre-meditated sex method in which the male strikes his female companion in the nose, and proceeds to ejaculate on her forehead. Gravity tends to cause said semen to descend down the females facial region, creating the notorious illusion of a cherry cheese cake.
"I heard you punched your girl in the face last night"
"It was for a good reason, young squire, for I then ejaculated on her face creating the notorious illusion of a cherry cheese cake"
by Joel McCabe November 25, 2006
A cheesecake topped with cherry pie filling. Quite good.
The best cherry cheesecake can be found in New York City. Why do you think they call it New York cheesecake?
by ke6isf November 22, 2003
1. This is what might happen when a male and female conduct sexual intercourse while the female is on her 'monthly cycle'

2. When a girl loses her Virginity, and if the male has ejaculated, then this is what they have made.. how nice.
"..and this Cherry cheese cake ran all down her leg.."
by leavethisplace July 01, 2003
noun- the act of blowing your load in the back of a recipients throat and punching them in the nose, the blood and nut run together causing the 'cherry-cheese cake' look
cherry-cheese cake : The best way to dump a chick is to give her a cherry-cheese cake, then leave laughing.
by Mungky February 13, 2008
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