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Big Breasted blues woman, that every man wants, and every woman wants to be.
Man 1: Hey that Cherry Black is smokin' hot.
Man 2: Yeah I know, one time I went out on a date with her.
Man 1: You're lying! She is too good for you.
Woman 1: I wonder where she gets her clothes, she is so stylish. I wish I was her.
Woman 2: I wish I had her talent and long red hair.
Man 1: Never Mind that, I wish you had her tits.
by Elroy'sDad67 May 27, 2009
Cherry Black is an Extremely talented Voluptuous, Sultry Siren from New York, that writes, plays & sings " The Blues ".

Cherry Black is the Front-woman, guitarist & lead vocalist of the " Cherry Black Band ".
by Minstrel41443 February 08, 2009