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To blow up, destroy, melt down, or otherwise self destruct.
Oh man, he just Chernobyled that thing!
by cammer September 19, 2006
To make a mistake, be treated unfairly, or have something very unfortunate happen.

In relation to the city Chernobyl.
Hey, where's my $20? Aww man, I just got chernobyled.
by Chief Vash April 27, 2005
When a child has reached their emotional/physical limit and have a melt down similar to that of Chernobyl.
Holy crap, our 6 year old just Chernobyled when we said that we were going to walk back to the hotel instead of taking the tram.
by Brockson November 11, 2011
A tear-inducing fart that travels a relatively long distance across a crowded room (e.g., a bar), like a toxic gas cloud over a large land mass.
Bob chernobyled us a the bar last night.
by Spartacus44 January 07, 2011