To make a mistake, be treated unfairly, or have something very unfortunate happen.

In relation to the city Chernobyl.
Hey, where's my $20? Aww man, I just got chernobyled.
by Chief Vash April 27, 2005
Top Definition
To blow up, destroy, melt down, or otherwise self destruct.
Oh man, he just Chernobyled that thing!
by cammer September 19, 2006
When a child has reached their emotional/physical limit and have a melt down similar to that of Chernobyl.
Holy crap, our 6 year old just Chernobyled when we said that we were going to walk back to the hotel instead of taking the tram.
by Brockson November 11, 2011
A tear-inducing fart that travels a relatively long distance across a crowded room (e.g., a bar), like a toxic gas cloud over a large land mass.
Bob chernobyled us a the bar last night.
by Spartacus44 January 07, 2011
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