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She's perfect. Do I need say more? Like literally the definition of perfection, but even more perfect. She always makes me smile no matter what. She's the best at whatever she does, and an OLYMPIAN vball player. If she wanted to she could be a model cuz she looks hecka cute and is amazingly pretty. Prettiest girl I know. She's also super smart, (did I mention funny), and is always there whenever you need her. Dream girl.
I love cherene
by Guess Who???????? July 29, 2013
A girl who lives the loveliest of lives--A true princess in her own fantasy world. Cherene is constantly searching for her knight in shining armor or Prince Charming. She always strives for her happily ever after; whether it be in a log cabin in some remote forest, a cottage on the shores of a stunning lake, or a condo overlooking Central Park. Cherene will always be the perfect girl for many men, but she only has eyes for one.
"She is such a Cherene. Look a her dancing in a forest wearing a tiara and pink dress."
by Braindrain May 12, 2010
adj.-the ultimate defenition of sweet, understanding and beautiful.
Damn that girl was my ideal girl. She was such a cherene girl.
by diamondj August 20, 2011
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